Edward Araujo

Texas Consumer Credit, El Paso, TX

“I cannot tell you how excited how happy I am that we found this solution. If I would've found it a few years ago who knows where our business could have been right now”

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"Boost My Corp is the real thing! They are  Personable and Professional! They are    helping me take my business to the next level of financial success!”

Boost My Corp will educate business owners how to use business credit to build a financial leverage and leave a legacy. We understand helping entrepreneurs grow will help the economy grow. 

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and a business financial strategy so they can be successful.

About Us

Brian Fleming
Spring Hill Financial, Mount Laurel, NJ

“I was able to obtain my 50k within a matter of 3 to 4 months”​

Comprehensive business support you and your company can trust.


We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs obtain credit and financing to start and grow whether you’re a new startup business, existing business, or have good or bad personal credit. 

We help you with all aspects of setting up a credible business and building your business credit profile and score as you get credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN without a personal credit check or guarantee. 

Plus, we help you access loans and credit lines through our vast network of lenders and investors. This money is lent based on your business strengths unlike with conventional bank financing. This makes it easier to get approved even when the big banks say “no”.

Luis Toto & Jennifer Ramos

​Novo Score, Miami, FL

“My wife purchased the Business Finance Suite and she was able to establish a business credit profile to apply for business funding without even using her Social Security”

Cheryl Risner

Score Restore, Elm Grove, LA

“I believe that Business Finance Suite has opened up possibilities for my business in the future that I could never have imagined, and then every business owner can benefit from Business Finance Suite”



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